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Lucy Henderson

Operations Director, writefully

"I really feel like saystory is changing the creative landscape for briefing and the writer is getting knowledge directly from the client. We are saving ourselves time and the creative writer's time because no one needs to be on calls, there is no back and forth emailing and everything is directly received from the client by sending them a link. It has been absolutely brilliant."

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Lurlene B.

Director. Numuna Ventures

"Before I discovered saystory, I felt like I was on my own in figuring out what content I wanted to share with the world. Once I started using it, everything shifted. I'd voice my thoughts, and instantly, it generated a title and insightful questions for me to voice, leading to a ready content. It was a revelation—thought leadership simplified. This app has transformed the way I create content, making it not just easier, but more impactful. It's truly a game-changer for anyone looking to share their thoughts with the world."

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Chris Adams

Founder, CJA Consulting

"Drafting my first article felt daunting, especially targeting law and professional services firms. With saystory, I input my chosen title, answered guided questions, and created an incredible article in under 10 minutes. The response? Overwhelmingly positive. After sharing on my blog and LinkedIn, I received eight reposts and nearly 2000 interactions. It was a confidence boost, proving the tool's worth by getting my thoughts seamlessly from my head to published content. In a sentence: saystory transformed my ideas into a compelling narrative, effortlessly published in less than an hour, marking a successful start to my blogging journey."

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Orchids Campbell

Founder, Etiquette For Everyone

"I like that one idea or story can be used across different platforms in my tone."

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Kuruvilla Varghese Chalishery

Founder, FarmUnboxed

"I've been keen on delving into thought leadership but struggled to find a structured approach to really get into it. Then I came across this app, and the first thing that struck me was how easy and intuitive it was to use, right from the start. It was impressive how well-designed the UI/UX was, making navigation straightforward without needing any demo. The initial user experience was just smooth, which is something I didn't expect to find right off the bat. It's made exploring thought leadership more accessible for me."

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Tamaghna Basu

Founder, DetaSECURE

"Saystory helped me to structure my thoughts and guide me to create a very thoughtful article in my domain."

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Philippe Mathijs

Founder, Reach Outstanding

"I've been using saystory for the past month and it's totally changed my life. As a coach one thing we're terrible at is how do we tell our own story, how do we share it with the world and the app and saystory team have completely changed that. They've made it super easy for me to use and the message is so much more powerful with the platform."

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